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Our selection of high-quality diesel generators is designed for exceptional performance in a range of applications. We offer generators from reputable manufacturers, expert technical support, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Browse our selection today to find the perfect generator for your needs.


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Our selection of high-quality generator spares includes a wide range of products from reputable manufacturers. We also offer expert technical support and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Browse our selection today to find the perfect spare parts for your generator.


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Our Power Products has grown into a successful multi-franchise supplier and service provider for the marine, household, businesses and industrial sector of the market, providing an extensive range of high-spec diesel engines, gearboxes, generators and their all-important spares.

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How fuel-efficient are diesel generators?


Fuel consumption figures can be found on the engine specification sheet or sometimes on the generating set specification sheet, all available on this website on the specific generator pages.


Fuel consumption is directly proportional to level of load drawn, specifically your kW load drawn. So as load goes down you use less fuel and as it goes up you use more fuel. This relationship is not exactly linear as engines have different efficiencies across there output range. Generally engines are most efficient when 70% loaded and least and below 25% or above 100% (standby rating is 110% of prime rating).

To give you a good indication of the fuel consumption you can expect for a well sized set you would expect to run some where inbetween 50-75% average load.

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